What Are Amazon Digital Charges: Understanding Your Online Shopping Costs

what are the Amazon digital charges and services?
what are the Amazon digital charges and services?

In the era of online shopping, Amazon has become a household name, offering a vast array of products and services at our fingertips. From books and electronics to groceries and streaming content, Amazon has something for everyone. However, for your convenient that shopping on Amazon can sometimes be accompanied by a bit of confusion, especially when it comes to understanding those mysterious “Amazon digital charges” on your bank statement. What’s more, in this blog post, we’ll shed light on what these charges are, why they appear, and how you can manage them effectively.

What Are Amazon Digital Charges?

As you already know that the Amazon is a giant e-commerce platform and variety of services on your finger tips. If you’ve ever seen a charge on your credit card statement from Amazon Digital, you may be wondering what it is. Amazon Digital charges are for digital products and services that you’ve purchased from Amazon.

    Amazon digital charges, often listed as “AMZN Digital” or “AMZN Digital Services,” are expenses associated with digital products or services provided by Amazon. These charges can encompass a wide range of items, including:

    • Amazon Prime
    • Kindle books
    • Prime Video
    • In-app purchases
    • Amazon Music
    • Digital apps and games
    • Audible
    • Kindle Unlimited

    1. Amazon Prime:

    One of the most common digital charges is for Amazon Prime, which offers a bundle of benefits like free two-day shipping, access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and more.

    2. Kindle eBooks:

    Secondly, if you’re an avid reader with a Kindle device or the Kindle app, you might see charges for eBooks you’ve purchased.

    3. Amazon Video:

    Thirdly, the charges for renting or purchasing movies or TV shows through Amazon Video can also appear as Amazon digital charges. Following are some examples listed below:

    • NBA TV
    • MLB TV
    • Discovery+
    • Showtime
    • Paramount+

    4. Appstore Purchases:

    If you’ve bought apps, games, or in-app items from the Amazon Appstore, these will be included in your digital charges.

    5. Amazon Music:

    Moreover, subscriptions to Amazon Music Unlimited, a music streaming service, will be listed as Amazon digital charges as well as below:

    • Alexa-enabled devices
    • Windows and Mac computers
    • Smart TVs
    • Some Kindle models

    6. Twitch Prime:

    It is important that gamers who enjoy perks like in-game loot and free monthly channel subscriptions on Twitch, owned by Amazon, will also see charges.

    7. Amazon Drive:

    If you’re using Amazon’s cloud storage service for your digital files, storage charges may be included in your statement.

    Why Do Amazon Digital Charges Appear?

    For your better understanding why Amazon digital charges appear on your bank statement is crucial for managing your finances. As and when you purchase a digital product or service from Amazon, the charge will appear on your credit card statement as “AMZN DIGITAL” or “AMZN MKTP US”. Furthermore, the amount of the charge will vary depending on the product or service you’ve purchased. These charges occur for several reasons:

    amazon service charges and payments

    1. Amazon Digital Subscription Services:

    Firstly, many of these charges stem from subscription-based services, such as Amazon Prime or Amazon Music, which are billed monthly or annually. For example, an Amazon Prime membership costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year. The subscription rate of Prime Video approximately is $8.99 per month. And an Audible subscription costs $14.95 per month.

    2. Amazon Digital Content Purchases:

    Secondly, when you buy eBooks, movies, or music through Amazon’s digital storefronts, these transactions are reflected as digital charges.

    1. Amazon Prime Video Charges Approximately $8.99 a month
    2. Amazon Digital Charge for AudibleAudible Plus: $7.95 approximately
    Premium Plus: $14.95 approximately
    3. Amazon Music Charge on My CardPrime Members: Approximately $8.99 per month or $89 per year
    Non-Prime Members: Approximately $10.99 per month
    4. Amazon Digital Charge for KidsPrime Members: $4.99 per month approximately
    Non-Prime Members: $7.99 per month A\approximately
    Digital Content Purchases by Amazon

    3. In-App Purchases:

    If you make in-app purchases in games or apps downloaded from the Amazon App Store, these expenses will be included in your digital charges.

    4. Cloud Services Charges by Amazon:

    In addition, Amazon also provides cloud storage services, and the fees for using Amazon Drive or other cloud-based solutions are categorized as digital charges. The details are as under:

    • 100 GB: approximately $1.99 per month or $19.99 per annum
    • 1 TB: approximately $6.99 per month or $59.99 per annum
    • 2 TB: approximately $11.99 per month or $119.98 per annum

    Trial Period of Amazon Digital Services

    It is very important that most of the digital products and services from Amazon offer free 30- to 90-day trial periods. After the trial period ends, Amazon will start charging your registered payment method. This process is automatic, meaning you’ll get a new charge for Amazon Digital on your credit card statement every renewal date.

    amazon charges after trial period

    What Is AMZN MKTP on Bank Statement?

    Following are some key heads you will find in your credit card bank statement when you buy something from Amazon:


    How To Check Your Amazon Subscriptions

    Visit the Amazon website and log-in with your credentials to your Amazon account.

    • Click your account on top of the page.
    • Select Memberships & Subscriptions from the drop-down menu.

    How to Manage Amazon Digital Charges

    If you see a charge on your credit card statement from Amazon Digital that you don’t recognize, you can check your Amazon account to see what it’s for. For more help on the subject, the Amazon customer services center can be contacted at any time.

    To effectively manage your Amazon digital charges, here are some tips for avoiding unauthorized Amazon digital charges:

    1. Check Your Account:

    Most importantly, regularly review your Amazon account to keep track of your subscriptions and digital purchases.

    2. Set Spending Limits:

    Some Amazon accounts allow you to set spending limits for your children or yourself to avoid unexpected charges.

    3. Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions:

    If you no longer use a service like Amazon Prime or Amazon Music, consider canceling the subscription to prevent recurring charges.

    4. Use Amazon Household:

    If you share your Amazon account with family members, use Amazon Household to manage shared content and expenses more efficiently.

    5. Avoid Free Trials Offers by Amazon Digital Services:

    First you should avoid signing up for free trials. Secondly, make sure you understand the terms and conditions, especially the auto-renewal policy.

    6. Two-way Authentication:

    Lastly but very important to add an extra security layer for better protection of your Amazon account chooses two-factor authentication options and always set complex passwords.

    security on Amazon digital account

    If you do find an unauthorized charge on your Amazon account, you can contact Amazon customer service to dispute the charge. Amazon will investigate the charge and take appropriate action. If you are facing any problem with the language on Amazon, it is here to mention that you can also change the language on Amazon easily by visiting my article.


    Finally, Amazon’s digital charges encompass a wide range of digital products and services provided by the retail giant. Again understanding why these charges appear and how to manage them is essential for maintaining control over your finances while enjoying the convenience of Amazon’s digital offerings. By staying informed and monitoring your account regularly, you can make the most of your Amazon experience without any unexpected surprises on your bank statement. Happy shopping!. You can also see the article on Amazon Wholesale Pallet and

    I hope this blog post has helped you understand what Amazon’s digital charges are and for any questions, you can leave a comment. Furthermore, any clarity on the digital charges by Amazon, you can contact us on Nastech24.

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